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At Berean Baptist Church

There is Something For Everyone

Berean Baptist has many exciting ministries where every child of God can be involved.

Sunday School

Sunday School classes for all ages: Nursery through Adult.

Missions Program

Our church is involved in fulfilling the Great Commission by supporting worldwide missions and sustain our mission program through Faith Promise giving. We stand with our missionaries in the areas of church planting, prison ministries, rescue mission, and Bible printing and translations. We are involved in both home and foreign missions in our endeavors to spread the gospel message.

Patch Club and SIGMA For Kids

Our patch class (ages 2-11) meets every week and our SIGMA (Soldiers In God’s Mighty Army – 12-High school) meets every other week. These classes run with the school calendar. At the end of the year the older Patch class and SIGMA participate in a Patch and SIGMA Bowl where they are quizzed over what they studied in the scriptures that year.

Bible College

One of the ministry opportunities of Berean Baptist Church is the Bible College. The purpose of the Bible College is to teach and train God’s people to better serve the Lord, by providing the born again believer a means of obtaining a solid Biblical education and at the same time remain under the direction and authority of the local Church and Pastor. The student can remain at their home and Church and receive a sound Biblical education and spiritual foundation. The Bible College also offers Bible Degrees, which has even helped many students obtain better jobs in the secular world. The Bible College is for all believers, both men and women who have a desire to know more about God’s Word. You do not have to be a preacher to attend our school; again, it is available of all who seek to learn more about the Bible. Classes are held at the Church on Tuesday evenings during the Fall and Spring Semesters. Our Bible College is an extension program of the Biblical Study Theological Seminary. The website for the College Home Office is:

Camp Meeting

One of the most anticipated times for our Church family is our old-fashioned Camp Meeting. This is a special time of Bible preaching and singing, and lot’s of sweet fellowship with believers from all over the country. During the Camp Meeting services you will hear some of God’s choicest preachers and some of the sweetest music this side of Heaven. The Church also provides two delicious meals a day, and our local area has a number of nice hotels for lodging. Our Camp Meeting always begins every year on the third Sunday in January and runs through Wednesday night. Be sure to mark these special dates on your calendar. The exact dates for the next Camp Meeting are January 15-18, 2023. Hope to see you here.